Thursday, July 1, 2010


Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels recently chose University of Florida star Tim Tebow as a first round draft pick. Tebow has been called a “religious fundamentalist, lightning-rod misfit” by the mainstream media. Various secular media voices have also likened Tebow’s Christian family and friends to Nazis.
McDaniels defended his choice by saying. “There are a lot of things he has that you can’t coach. And the things that we would like to improve…those are things you can coach.” Tebow wasn’t the only person picked by McDaniels for character. He also chose Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas over Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant as well. Brant had a reputation for a lax attitude toward team workouts, whereas Thomas worked hard to stay out of trouble.
Thomas said, “I didn’t want to be that guy that is always talked about that He’s a bad guy, so I put myself around the right crowd.”
McDaniels not only picks players who have character, he fires those who do not. He previously dumped problem athletes, including Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall who was a “pouty pain in the neck” according to the coach.
The character factor seems to be of increasing concern in the NFL. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Pittsburgh quarter back Ben Rothelisberger for six games after the Steeler allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct. Goodell ordered the punishment for “conduct detrimental to the league’s image.” Overall, the NFL is sending a message that character counts more than being able to throw, catch and tackle.

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