Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Have you ever been drawn into a debate about which parent is the most important, the mother or the father? The question is sometimes asked, "If you had to grow up with just one parent, which one would it be?" In reality, this debate cannot be won. Each parent brings something to the table by God's design that the other cannot provide. Parenthood is a team effort! The spiritual, psychological, and emotional nurture of children is dependent on both father and mother in order to achieve the desired results! It should therefore surprise no one that the major contributor to the turmoil in our nation is the steady disintegration of the God-ordained family.

The role of the father in America has taken some devastating blows in the last half century. As we celebrate another Father's Day, we are made aware once more that millions of our children have no idea who their father is. Millions more are estranged from them by divorce and or abandonment. One of the difficulties incurred in evangelism is the inability of many to comprehend the concept of the Fatherhood of God inasmuch as they have no earthly counterpart with which to relate it. Revival in America is a virtual impossibility apart from repentance in the hearts of derelict fathers. Abortion, the legalized murder of the unborn, has also contributed to the hostile national climate.

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