Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rodney Livingston Devotional

Psalm 18
Who is God? He is a rock for those who are close to His side. He is strength for
those who place themselves inside the hollow of His hand. He is able to make blameless the way of sinners with the blood of Jesus. He is the one who provides swiftness to good works and allows the speed to avoid the traps of the devil. He is the God that allows us to accomplish great things in our lives. Our power to do all things comes from Him. Not only are we offensive with our strength and the gospel, but we also have the provision to shield ourselves with God. Support and gentleness are qualities we can have from God. Sure footing is a great blessing and we can be confident that every step I take, God is with me. Enemies are ours to consume and thrust through them in order to gain the victory and stand tall at last.
Who is God? He is our help in everyday living. God is one we should call upon every day of our lives because He is worthy of our praise, verse 3. Who is God? He is the one who will save the humble and bring the haughty low, verse 27. Who is God? He is the living one who holds my salvation and provides love never ending, verse 50. Who is God? The only one you need in this life and the life to come! Who is God, but the Lord? He desires to be the Lord of all mankind’s life. Allow this God to work through you!

Have a great and blessed week,

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