Sunday, May 2, 2010

John S. Odem, 30, Killen

Candidate for Lauderdale County District Judge

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Attorney

Biographical: Son of attorney Dennis N. Odem and Carolyn Odem; attended Mars Hill Bible School and Brooks High School; graduate of the University of Alabama and Miles Law School.

Why do you seek this office and how will you make a difference? "I am eager to serve the citizens of Lauderdale County. All the court clerks will be a part of my team and we will work well together making the court more efficient and less time consuming for everyone. I will work with the DA's office, lawyers and the citizens and will render nothing but fair and firm decisions from the bench. There is no substitute for common sense and proper temperament. I will treat every party with fairness and impartiality according to the law. I will uphold the dignity of the court and continue bringing honor and justice to the courtroom."
"In God we trust"

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