Thursday, April 15, 2010

Editors note: This article is one of many written by Charles Hodge, a popular lecturer. This article is a reprint from the Gospel Advocate. This article is submitted for your study and inspiration.)

Are Christians still under the Great Commission? Do we have a message? Are we to preach it boldly? Does the church exist to convert sinners? If not, why are we here? Recently, .'Letters to the Editor" in a large newspaper had a spate of letters declaring without argument, "No one has the right to convert another." That's exactly what they want to do! Do we not have the right to challenge any man or statement? Are we to sit quietly doing nothing?

A reporter for the Dallas Morning News went bonkers over a church sign (Dec. 22, 2002). A church sign? This was the crime of crimes, the unpardonable sin, or perhaps the end of the world. The church sign read, "It' s Jesus- Or Else!" This is clumsy or perhaps even coniical- but not of earthquake proportions. The sin? It violated political correctness. Truthfully, Christianity cannot be stated simply upon a bumper sticker. Yet we have gone sappy over the fear that someone would be offended. Our job is to deliver the message in 1ove. Regardless, the truth must be preached.
This post was not written by me--Tom Stanford

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